Sunday, June 21, 2015


These two, I mean these two. They might look like two angels, but I'll give them to you for three hours and If you survive, I'll salute you. I don't know if mine are worse then other brothers with the same small age difference, but mine are just completely CRAZY filled with energy. Phuuuuu ... I'm sure my parents love to have them there with us, but tonight when we're back home,  they will sleep like two rocks.
I hope my Dear parents in law are ready for these two wild boys for a month in our house in South of France. It will be quite something now when they both are so active and curious of life.

You readers with girls might be offended, please don't I'm sure you'll have a harder teenager period then me, but honestly ... sometimes I wonder how we stay sane. 24/7 of constant tricks, climbing, running, jumping, testing, it's like motion captured in two small bodies that just needs to explode 100 times per day. Everyone I meet or introduce this reality to (that are not use to small boys) just loose their breath and wonder how I cope.
All I can say is, only mothers and father in the same situation understands. Only them.

I love them to death and have gotten use to this life of never ever sitting still and relaxing, but even so, I sometimes just stand int he middle of it all and ask myself if this can be possible? Sometimes I just want to lock them into two different rooms and forget the key for an hour or two and catch my breath. But I guess I would miss them too much and let them out after ten minutes. That's how deeply I just need them around also. Love is weird for sure.


  1. Hahahahahahahhahah! I fully understand you... I have one boy and another one is on his way (August). Can see my future self very much mirrored in you, Stina... hahhahhahahahaha!
    God save us, queens of the house!

  2. You can say what you want you have such lovely kids. Love your family pics. Please more of them, they made my day ... :)

  3. My daughter has one six year old boy who is exactly the same although he thinks his mother is his friend to play with all day long, right up until bed time which is always a battle. I think he doesn't want to go to sleep as he loves his days so much. He plays soccer, rides horses, lives at the beach in summer, goes to parties, has the best social life and never tires! He is an absolute angel too!
    Vicki xx

  4. Hi Stina, I have 2 of each - x2 girls and x2 boys, born in that order. The 4 of them are less than 4 years apart - 17 months between the girls, 2 years in between the girls and boys, and then another 17 month gap between the boys. I personally found the boys so much easier than the girls in my case - not just as babies/toddlers - but as young children and now teenagers! In fact, sometimes I think 4 boys would be so much easier! But I wouldn't have had it any other way. They are now aged between 14 and a half and 19 - certainly the most difficult patch I've been through...But that is the last thing you want to hear! When they were little it was physically difficult, but now it is more emotionally challenging (and physically difficult in that the late-night party pick-ups are wearing me out - I am more tired than when they were babies!) Again though, I wouldn't have it any other way. Elizabeth xx

    1. Hear hear. I have two girls and two boys and while boys may be physically more active than girls, there isn't a huge difference in activity levels and girls are sooooooo much more mentally demanding, the testing that girls do is so much more demanding than the boys' testing style. I had the boys first and I thought like Stina but I tell you the boys were a piece of cake compared to the girls who even at a young age negotiated everything every day.
      Maybe you should have a third Stina, if it's a girl you might see things the way we do ;)
      Enjoy the summer with your boys

    2. I completly agree! We also have two Boys an two Girls! To my opinion, Boys Are easier to handle!
      Maybe your two Little cuties should Start with sport. Hockey, Football, climbing,...
      All the best!b .

  5. As the young mother of three sons--who were bundles of creative energy, always on the go, I understand! It was a blessing to have some house help, as well as to be at home with them. Enjoy your beautiful family, the years they truly do fly! Thank you for sharing your point of view, via your blog.

  6. Good luck!' Happily you live in a house, I have neighbourgs with children very active's awwwwwul,
    We cabbot stand their cries, running etc all day on.

  7. Oh gosh I've been there Stina! My older two, a boy and a girl, are two years apart and were very active, I couldn't take my eyes off of them for a second. It was exhausting. My youngest daughter was a much easier baby and toddler but now she's a teenager and oh boy, lots going on.
    The oldest two (now aged 20 and 22) are very independent and accomplishing so much, that determined spirit makes for great young adults but you have to survive raising them first!
    Good luck to you and at least you'll have lots of eyes on them at your house in France... but of course it's up to the parents to be vigilant every second.
    It does pass and they are certainly very adorable. xo

  8. Jag har läst din blogg länge Stina och tycker så himla mycket om den! Och dig då såklart. Alexis och mitt äldsta barn (en son) är lika gamla och de verkar ha lika mycket energi. Han driver mig till vansinne och tillbaks hundra gånger om dagen, men han är också otroligt rolig och charmig. Jag kan bara tänka mig hur det är att ha två likadana. Min yngsta (en dotter) är däremot lugn som en filbunke och jag är så glad och tacksam för varje dag som hon är så stabil i humöret. Håller tummarna att det går lite lättare för er snart! // Maria

  9. They are little darlings to look at. I agree two boys are unlimited energy. Girls have the "whole girl" aspect when they become teenagers. I like that the boys are active-all children should be active but they do tire you in a way that girls do not. I also wonder how much of it is we treat boys different than girls and are more active ourselves with the boys. Leon is a spitting image of your dad. I would be curious to see photos of your dad as a young boy.

  10. Hi there!

    I am a mother of 3,5 years old twin boys and all I can say is that I so and totally understand you whereas others necessarily don't. I love my little ones to bits and pieces but I am exhausted. They have so much energy that it is breathtaking. We don't have a quiet moment in our home unless they sleep. Pheeewwww indeed.

    But at the same time, they are the most precious and wonderful thing in the world. And I find boys so honest. No tricks or games when it comes to their feelings. If they don't want to be kissed or hugged, they sy it but when they do, they really do :)

    Chapeau to you and all the best for the summer :)

  11. How can you make a comparison between boys and girls if you only have boys?

  12. oh yes, girls are so easy. My two and four year old daughters NEVER run around wildly, complain, spill anything, argue, wake up every night, demand lots of attention, fight, have tantrums. They bathe themselves, cook themselves dinner as well as our meal, do the dishes, clean the house, braid each other's hair, always keep their bon point dresses pristine, sing songs, do embroidery and are a delight to take to restaurants and events....

    It's easy to say how easy things are when one has no experience of them. Instead of mothers of only boys (because yes it is ALWAYS mother of ONLY boys, those with boys and girls know the truth) always either feeling sorry for themselves because "boys are so difficult" or feeling superior because they have a "more difficult motherhood experience" we should acknowledge that motherhood is tough, exhausting, wonderful and all consuming for ALL mothers especially in the early years.
    P.S. Yes I also have boys - a stepson who lives with us who is 8 and a son who is 6

  13. I love how honest you are in your writing Stina. Every Mother has a different experience of parenting and I am glad you can share yours with your own truth. Take care and take some moments to breathe xxx

  14. Stina, you need a little baby-girl to the two boys!

  15. It makes me so sad that you have to put gender to personality. Why do you instantly assume that the way they behave and act is due to a gender and not to the specifics of who they are as persons? I have a boy and two girls and would never, ever, say that they act in a certain way just because of the gender they have been blessed with, just as I would never, ever want someone to claim that my actions/behaviours/personality or what have you is a result of me being a woman. it is now 2015 - have we not come further than that?! By adding attributes to a gender you might make your life easier but you will also make life harder for the person you are pre-defining because of his/her gender. On behalf of my children, boys and girls, I am offended that you automatically assume that they will behave in a certain way because of their gender. From someone who has traveled and seen as much as you have, I would expect a more open-minded approach.