Saturday, June 6, 2015

Evening fun

Yesterday evening was as lovely as it should be in June. I meet up my adorable mother after work for some Cava at Vau de Ville and did some nice shopping and after had a fun time at the only place in Stockholm with an international atmosphere in the summer, Josefinas. Hence Christer (the owner) just had a pool installed, it might be that I jump between that place and Bodvars Strandbryggan this summer when still being in Stockholm and want to have a cocktail or two.
Galderma, (Azzalur and Restylane/Emervel) had a really well put together dinner for us and honestly, it felt like summer started. If you haven't seen that Sharon Stone is the front person fro Restylane this year and the amazing "real and natural results campaign" she is hosting, you just have to see it. CLICK HERE! It really proves how beautiful and natural you can look with Botox and filler when going to the right person who understand your face and your personal need.

I wore this lovely safari jacket from Valentino that I last wore in Provance when Leon was still in my belly and high heels. Next week will also be filled with summer festive things. Dinner with Louis Vuitton and a summer party, not so bad after all!


  1. Nice, but for me the trousers are too short as large as they are.
    Your chest is more bigger but it looks very pretty.
    Also, nice program to come soon.
    Kind regards,

  2. Is Josefina really ok? It was ok when it opened but the quality of the people deteriorated to incredibly vulgar. The final drop was when I asked for more bread the 18+ year-old swede came back with A PIECE OF BREAD IN HIS HAND. So I didn't go there once last year even though I live just across the bridge. Fiore was much better although the quality of the food was very inconsistent. I don't think it's opening this year. So i'll guess I'll give Josefina a try if it ever stops raining.

  3. Have a nice weekend! Crossing my fingers that your dad have some suggestions about destinations so me and my man can explore new places this summer! Lovely to go to the country house!