Thursday, June 25, 2015

Flash Back

My man is finally coming back to Stockholm again tomorrow before we 
let my friends move into our house in Sweden and enjoy the house-feelings in Stockholm during summer and we immediately fly into our house in South of France. 

Since there's so much to packing and fix before leaving for a longer time, I've been lacking in posts. 
But maybe you want a LONG and beautiful flash back in moments and pictures from 2012? 


  1. You know what Stina? You were already beautiful but now, I find you still much more complete and a stunning and perfect woman. , Really, you are still more pretty, legs slimmers, these 2 children have made you the perfect beauty. You look so happy now and so well in your "skin". Very ..... All.....
    Hugs hugs

    1. Dear Uta,

      Thank you so much, it's really kind words to me who mostly feel quite exhausted. I do find my body got better after birth, the baby fat went away and it looks more feminine. The breast went also of course, I became so skinny on my chest I felt like a man, but nothing that can't be fixed (blink).
      The constant action of my boys also help to keep me in shape, even though I need to exercise to not get flabby skinny, you know what I mean. But time is little, maybe one day ...

      I think motherhood brings out some sort of beautiful matureness and calm in a woman's face and her spirit. Maybe that's what you see?

      Anyhow I love getting older, I really don't give a damn of what people think so much and that is liberating.

      I'm so grateful to have you in this blog by my side, like old friends. I wish you nothing but the best in health and love ... and lots of summer sunshine of course!

      big hug,

  2. Thank you Stina it's true that I understand you better than most people around me!!!
    We have about the way of life, and ideas, I think.
    Anyway, it's true that you look more peaceful, serein and the only very bad thing for me is my bad English!! I cannot really exprime myself concerning what I want to tell you.