Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Kevin Murphy

Got my man and me some products from the well known Kevin Murphy some weeks back. Their volume collection I've heard so much good from and I'm very happy with the results. I use the plumper after washing, when my hair is still wet.
My man had different styling products and some nice hair shampoo I hope he'll appreciate also!

Have you tried the brand?


  1. Dear Stina, KM ist very good. So you use your "normal" every day shampoo and afterwards the Kevin Murphy? Which hair mask do you use? Kind regards!

  2. I love Kevin Murphy's Plumping Line for shampoo & conditioner because it smells wonderful!

  3. I just love Kevin Murphy's products! I have used them for at least 2 years now after a friend who's wife is a hair dresser suggested this product due to my scalp tended to itch (allergies). I have not had an itch since after using these products and as I was curious if it had to do with other stuff I tried Loreals Kerastase but; once you gone Kevin Murphy you won't go back is my opinion! They are the best for me and also my little daughter (9 years old with curly hair)! So good choise and good luck!

  4. Love these products!