Wednesday, June 17, 2015


My boys always wakes me up at 6am and it can really feel hopeless if you've had a dinner the night before or just stayed up late and want to sleep in. But mostly it's so great actually. You manage to do so much more with the day then if you snooze to 10am. By this time, 10.06 when I write this post I still haven't showered or put any makeup on, which for me feels so liberating.
I've had a soft and slow morning with the boys (I'm off today), took them to kindergarden and had a power walk after. I replanted some flowers in the garden and removed some weed and other things and really felt what a privilege it is to own a house even if it sometimes feels overwhelming with what needs to constantly be done and how expensive it actually is when you think about it. Three times as much as an apartment for sure with insurances, heating, water, garbage, etc etc. In the end though, I love the freedom so much. The feeling that this all, the flowers, the trees, belongs to us and the fact that the boys are constantly out playing and breathing fresh air.

After my walk I just sat down on our smallest terrace, outside the master bedroom which i've done for me and my man mainly and had a smoothie and just felt the wind breathing by and adored our apple tree behind. It felt so lovely. And it's only morning still! That's the best part!


  1. Gorgeous, BEAUTIFUL picture Stina. Both of you, this very pretty little terrace in the nature with the appletree behind, the fowers and your slim body!
    When weather is good in Sweden, this place where you live is magic.

  2. I love the early mornings too, when you can sit quietly and set your intentions for the day ahead. That is a lovely little space you have created there. I can imagine the smells and sounds in the garden. Perfect.

  3. Hello! you see Stina, even if the appeal of the city life will always drive us crazy at night, to be able to come back to a "somewhat boring suburb" with great nature is a luxury for sure.Especially when this suburb is connected to a real city! Do you remember last year, in the first spring whne you just moved in , you felt kind of difficult and boring to live there??:):) Nature is such a power to the soul and to the inner self.Thanks as always for the nice pics.Cath