Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Stina's Vintage Store

Dear readers, one of my beloved friends, another fashionista is selling off some of her shoes. They are too small for me, else I would get most of them myself. Small feet persons, take a look and indulge in really amazing prices for designers!

Hurry up though so I can ship them away before the end of June when I'm leaving for vacation!

As always it's first comes first!

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  1. Stina, a reader from Australia here! Love your blog! Just thought of your amazing taste and decide to post a question to you in case you could help -
    I'm trying to find a good quality European brand for baby clothes/toys or accessories that will ship to ICELAND! One of my good friends has moved there to have her first baby and I want to send her something special! Do you have any advice?! Being from Australia I am unfamiliar with Europe brands and have no idea where to start my search! all ideas gratefully received! Thank you :)