Thursday, July 23, 2015


For all of you interested in the baskets, I've bought 30 of them and they will be up for purchase as son as I find time. They are beyond gorgeous.

Problem is that I have actually very little time to do this, even though I thought I would have time to take picture of them and do it like other years. But so many guest and the kids to look after, the easiest is actually that you who are really interested and know more or less what colours you'd prefer and trust my taste, to just send me an email at and i'll send back immediate paying instructions and you'll be sure to have one. If you know what colour preferences you'd like, write it in an email, if it doesn't care, that you want me to chose, then let me know and I'll send a stunning one. All f them are easy to match to jeans and whatever you wear in your everyday life! I bought them with great care and chic taste! I have three neutral ones also, so in natural beige colour, the rest are beautiful in orange, blue, green, yellow, pink and red like all years.

Price: 550SEK or 63EURO for Europe and unfortunately they raised the cost to US so those needs to be 650SEK or 75US - shipping and everything included of course!

Don't forget to add colour preferences and your address.

UPDATE - 5 baskets LEFT


  1. Hi Stina! Did you get my email? I would like to buy baskets, but didnt get answer from you.
    Best regards, Ani

  2. I won one of those baskets couple of years back, I let Stina choose for me. I got a natural one with orange details and I use it every summer, it's chic and stylish. Thank you Stina! KR Lina