Thursday, July 9, 2015

La Plage - again

Another day at La Plage ... waves, fresh sea water, wind in my hair ...


  1. Stina I dont know where it is exactly but it's a pity that you have not sand. The stones are hard...
    Anyway the children likes the sea , stones or sand!
    And it looks no to many people. Good.
    we will be soon at Cannes but a bit too crowded for me...
    Enjoy beautifull family.

  2. Oh how wonderful it looks! Here in Sweden we have 13 degrees, windy and rain. Feels like autumn has come already. Nice that you have a great vacation, everybody needs that. And you post such lovely pictures of the market, nice clothes, good food and the boys. Very uplifting when all i grey outside, so just keep enjoying and thanks for charing. /Laila

  3. Here in France, Paris, we had 40 degrees and today will be 33o Laila....
    Hope your weather will improve soon.
    Beautifull pictures of the little family at beach. So lovely to see persons happy, cheer, and so hansome!