Monday, July 6, 2015

La Plage

When we need some enironment change, la plage is the place to be for the kids to play around and us to enjoy.


  1. Thank you for showing us lovely pictures. That helps managing the last days before vacation!
    Love your outfits! Great inspiration fpr stylish looks even when it is so warm.
    Would love to see a post about your essentials in your beach bag.
    U are looking so lovely, smashing body as always! ;)

  2. Wow where is your dress/cover up from? You look so stunning!

    Rebecca S.

  3. Do you speak French when you're in the South of France ? Lovely family picture, btw ! x

  4. Stina, you are such a BEAUTIFUL woman..... Your man must be very very very proud of you!
    Sure he had never such a beauty in his life before!! Never! And two little blond beautiful small monsters. Whaou you are all looking like an advertizing for a perfect family !

    an advertizing
    Ps your plastic beach shoes going with the dress are a very goid idea.