Sunday, July 19, 2015

Oyster lunch

And someone up there was kind enough to create good friends, oysters served with sparkling and refreshing wine. The weather has been outstanding and extremely hot, about 33-36°. Phuu ... I am bathing all day long, what else can you do in this sort of heat?


  1. We have this wheatet in town it's hoooooorrible. Looking forward to leaving for Deauville.... Very soon next week.
    Cheer table and happiness, even I would be afraid to eat oysters by this hot weather... And for me (Sorry Stina) but your friend has a little bit too much outside her chest...... for lunch! Even its not my business .... Continue to spend wonderful vacations.

  2. Both of us should of course cover up, but being at home, in super hot climate and bathing every second second, we didn't really care!