Monday, July 13, 2015

San Remo - by night

... yes, to the italian riviera in San Remo we went next to indulge in each other, love, italian food and wine. Maybe not my favourite place on earth but it grew on me after a while.


  1. Amazong shoes which brand Stina?And is the new Chanel bag?the hair's lenght suits you so much.

  2. Like you I am not found of San Remo (only the palace for one night)... Not more ....but I have good friends there. And the food is not the best there for me.
    I looooove your new little Chanel's bag. Do I see well? it looks with a little black on sides? Never seen it here. Lovely as you are by the way.

  3. Hello Stina! nice to see you guys back to your french home!!
    One trip you should definitely do is to travel to Positano all the way from San Remo. It is a mind blowing scenery.
    BTW, just wanted to know: is your email address that is written in your vintage shop is valid? Because I sent you a n email last week just to suggest you andyour family some interesting event at some great venue around where you stay. I did not get any feed back.
    And Stina, no intention to intrude into your privacy just to say.

  4. One sexy mama!! How do you stay svelte when indulging in so much delicious food? I feel as though I gain weight just by breathing air and drinking water! *haha* Enjoy your summer vacation!
    xx, Suzanne

  5. You are stunning. Thanks for sharing all pictures. Enjoy your vacation. KR Lina

  6. Helt underbara bilder, se till att njuta av semester och era dagar tillsammans. En fråga, förut så var du så uttrycksfull kring din tro för Kabbalah, utövar du det fortfarande aktivit? Kram

  7. Yes your are so thin and stunning. Your new chest has completed to make you a perfect body.
    You should give us the name if this fanstactic surgeon dr.
    Thanks in advance.
    I am living in Sweden part if the year.