Wednesday, July 15, 2015

San Remo - Italy

So San Remo grew on me after a while but my first thought was honestly, what is this place? I thought it would have had more of the charm just as the french riviera with gorgeous alleys and small street stores. Apparently it's suppose to be a really nice coast city but I failed to see its glance. Anyhow they have these beautiful buildings and very cosy italian restaurants full with bambinos and family.

Anyhow, after we continued to ...


  1. Horrible more horrible than San Remo there is not for me.....
    Anf families we really dont mind! For me restaurants are medium medium....
    You were lucky to find good places!

  2. Oh Stina at least everywhere you are, you are the most beautifull! No doubt. Good
    Pictures which make forget that San Remo is not the best in the Cote d'Azur. But in Italy and people are
    nice and cheer.

  3. Dear Stina you look fab! I spend most my summers in Liguria lately but still have to go to San Remo, it is not really close to us and yes, it is famous, but nobody really recommend it! You find a lot of charm and beauty also on the Riviera di Ponente but in the smaller places, and at the Rivieria di Levante, South of Genova... you find some of the most breathtaking, chic places I know. So next time, go further South!