Tuesday, July 7, 2015

South of France - Blondies

No matter how much I tried to darken my hair before this summer, the sun and all the bathing makes it so blond. It's me and my beautiful little blond boys. Talking about them It's a joy to be around Leon this year, I remember when Alexis was two, it was when I thought I finally saw his true personality and I can so see Leon in the same way. Going from a baby to a toddler. So fascinating!


  1. Your hair (and absolutely everything about you) looks smashing! Who makes your red bikini by the way? I love it.

    Love from Seoul

  2. Whaou what a beautiful picture of blond hair..... Both of you. The children have become so tall since the time I wrote you. And you always more pretty....
    Stina how do you do to bear this heat?? I think you are all the time in the pool.
    Enjoy your vacations and continue to make dream women with such a beautiful body and soul.and life.
    Even nothing is perfect as we know.

  3. Adorable pic! Please do a post on summer skincare. Also, the bikini is fabulous - maybe a post on how to choose flattering bikinis for one's body shape/type (or how to squeeze into one!)?

  4. Den svarta bikinin som du har med lindex tunikan vart kommer den ifrån? så jäkla snygg