Monday, July 6, 2015

South of France - Flower woman

It's so funny how style changes to locations and atmosphere, like wearing a flowery dress like this feels so right when you're surrounding by the beauty of the pure nature. Letting my hair loose feels liberating and feminine and I just love how we can change and doesn't need to be stuck in neither style or personality. We can be and become who ever we want when we want to. Here I indulge in lighter material such as linen, patterns and colours whereas in cities I tend to wear other materials and styles.

Have a great afternoon and talk soon! I'm happy so many of you wanted Stinas Baskets again so I'll get away to the markets one day to see what I can find for you! I'll see if I have time to do it before me and my man is off to a road trip to the Italian coastline for a couple of nights!


  1. I just love all these SOF photos, they're so beautiful! I would love a basket too, you're so kind to be doing this again. Have a wonderful day!

  2. WOWWWWWWW <3 <3 <3

    /su hermana

  3. You look beautiful in any climate. The longer hair is lovely on you

  4. Amazing dress and so true it's perfect for your climate and life right now. Having a style change due to location really does give more of a holiday feel doesn't it.
    So great that you'll be heading off with your man, take advantage of the family there for a break, I would do the same! xo

  5. I just love the dress.
    Hugs Titti

  6. You really are blooming in SoF. I would have preferred the red Hermes shoes instead of the black, but you are very lovely nonetheless.