Tuesday, July 21, 2015

South of France - jump suit

Been living in this comfortable jump suit in the leisure evenings that I got just before I left Stockholm. In 36°, what can you do? It needs to be light, pretty and feel lovely towards the skin.

(jumpsuit: Lindex, heels: Hermés)


  1. You are superb with 36 , you stay fresh and thus combi is exactly what to wear.
    me I almost die.... We leave tomorrow for Deauville at North Sea......where it is fresh. I cannot bear anymore this heat.... Its the first time since ever that its so hot they said. And me its the first time that I am looking for fresh temperatures !!!!

    So, continue to swimm, to be happy with your family, friends I will follow you beautiful.
    Big hugs

  2. Oh I like the way you are letting your natural hair colour come through; you are quite brunette like your sister.
    You look so well.

  3. I like Stina iin BLONDE

  4. Adore the jumpsuit! Agree that darker (more natural) hair colour would really look better :) /Anna

  5. thank you photoshop!

  6. Anna if you haf followed Stina since many years you will have seen that she has always been blonde hair!