Sunday, July 5, 2015

South of France - Tunic

How stunning isn't this colourful tunic from Lindex that I got just before leaving? I match it with a black bikini, one of my collections. I just love pool wear as you might have figured by now!


  1. Oh beautiful Stina, nobody noticed the change in front of your bust! It's really fantastic with a bikini,
    Absolutely perfect size. Bravo to this surgeon who made that. Perfect and natural.
    You were already stunning but now hum what can we say?!
    In anyway, all pictures from your family are full of joy and pleasure. Even ir's very very warm in the south, and also here where I am living. Too too warm really. Spend all your time inside pool ....
    Big hugs enjoy your vacations dearest.

  2. Gud vilken snygg bikini, vart kommer den ifrån?