Tuesday, July 21, 2015

White'n silver reflections

This is the first year, sitting by the pool relaxing and looking fabulous isn't really possible. With two crazy monkeys who wan't to dive, jump from the poolside into the water, swim under water and just have fun, I'm constantly wet in my hair (morrrrr, before I had wet hair day every third day which meant being all crazy in the pool with Alexis) but now a days, who has time to care, we just try to be with them and teach them how to enjoy life, enjoy the pool and how to swim and be under water. I've always been quite daring to my boys (and little sister, I forced her early inn life how to use water to the maximum and she was known as the little dolphin) and they are very advanced in the water for their age and now they can to anything if they do it supervised and with care and respect for the water. Alexis is almost swimming by now and he is sometimes more under water, swimming and diving after stones or things, then over water. My man did a good job teaching all of the diving skills and how to handle the feet and the arms when floating.
 Leon was very afraid from the beginning but I pushed him a little and now he is just as crazy as his brother being so excited one can only laugh. This means so much fun during days but no fancy smancy pictures next to the pool!

(shades: Dior, bathing suit: Eres)


  1. You do look fabulous, wet hair and all ! x

  2. Stina you always look stunning.
    Me and my husband are going away for a week somewhere in Europe, can you or anyone here recommend a hotel on Sicily or anywhere else? Very much appreciated. Enjoy your summer. Kind regards Lina

  3. Oh Stina how patient you must be with the 2 little demanding monsters...... You got a great energy still having them but you must sleep well.....
    An d you look so pretty. So fabulous how said Frugal ...... In any circumstances.
    At least you stay very slim with them.