Thursday, August 27, 2015


On Thursday's I work until 5pm and today I went by an event in the evening that Lindex held in with a really price worthy autumn collection. Real leather, good jeans (amazing boyfriend models and a jeans skirt I just have to have)... There's a lot to look forward to.
I've had to reply No to most things during this past week's Stockholm Fashion Week, mainly because most of the shows are during daytime when I actually do work, the rest has been in the evening and then I've prioritised to be with my children.

Hope you all had a lovely day!

(coat: Chanel, shirt: Tom Ford, jeans: H&M, boots: Footlight)


  1. Stina you realky are a beautiful woman with a perfect taste. I love the yesterday's cardigan.
    Still on vacation I am happy to be able to follow you when no wifi problems!!!
    Badinage : why this grey cardigan cannot suit you? So feminine
    Hugs hugs

  2. May be I have badly undetstood what Tamera wanted to say!
    As usual my English is very bad unfortunately...... Anyway I like all all Stina, trousers HM.. boots, blue Chanel coat and your long hair is suiting you keep them
    as they are.

  3. Uta, oh the cardigan was from a boutique in France, that's the only reason it's not for me, I love it!