Monday, August 17, 2015

Black'n wedges

For me, a perfect "running errands with the small monkeys" kind of look the other day. The dress is actually more fun to these Isabel Marant wedges then with high heels if you ask me and they fit my very busy lifestyle excellent!


  1. Oh Stina all my comments for previous posts had prioblems I think.....
    Anyway this look is perfect as usual. We can say perfect for your kind of life with chilldren. The weather looks hot! Not here now 19o of difference.....
    Big hugs

  2. Hi Stina,
    I have just caught up on your summer posts, they are fabulous! What a fantastic time you and your boys have had. Great photos. I also had to juggle picking kids up from different school locations, I got one to wait in the library. I think you definitely need a nanny, it's too much to do by yourself and you need to look after yourself re the migraines. When the boys are older it will be so much easier, these are the intense years.
    Vicki xx