Sunday, August 9, 2015

Good memories

I still have so many pictures from South of France I need to make into a post and publish when I find time and inspiration. I love this one with my father and youngest cousin which I both love so much.
This weekend was spend by myself with the kids and my parents in our summer house in the Swedish archipelago. The weather forecast was not entirely with us during Saturday when the plan was to cruise around the islands with the boat and eat lunch and ice cream on a few of them, but we kept the good spirit alive and the sun came back in the evening where we gladly  enjoyed those marvellously perfect Gin't Tonic my father does.


  1. Lovely photo! Can't wait to see more photos of South of France. I am from Canada but my boyfriend is Czech and the summers we spend there remind me of your summer holidays in South of France. His parent's have a big estate with a pool, green house, etc. It is beautiful and my happy place! We aren't going this summer, but will be there in September. So seeing your photos and happiness, whether it be with dear friends/family, going to the market, hiking and swimming in the pool make me very nostalgic! It is always a pleasure.

    1. It's the true happy place for me too. I'm sure you will love being there in September, less heat!

  2. June or September are the best dates for South of France of course. But for you, dearest, you have to go during summer vacation I think with the boys.