Sunday, August 16, 2015

Last ten days

Oh this weekend my man just came back home from Geneva and work after being away ten days and we hit the car directly and drove out to the summer house, my parents and boat life. Ten days without help of nanny or anything, completely by myself with everything and working on top of that, I have had migraine marathon one after each other but still, enjoyed every moment with my boys and my house. But let me tell you it's intense, I truly don't understand how single mother without any help manage.

Anyhow, this is us again yesterday. A whole day out on the ocean and doing what we love most, spending time together in the nature!

I promise to give more regular updates now again!


  1. Ouf, I find you back. Incredible how much I miss you when I don't read, see you beautiful.
    Your mother in this picture is Magnifique, stunning, her tanning and :) whaouh....
    Yes, I can imagine how it is with 2 very active little monsters, house etc., alone ! Hum, difficult really.
    But your man has to work and usually all men with excellent job have to travel..
    Big big hugs

    1. I'm sorry Uta, sometimes I have hardly time to wash my hair and then the inspiration and the energy for the blog comes second of course. I'm happy to be back and will do my best to update regular!


  2. Where is the beautiful dress from?