Monday, August 31, 2015


So yet another week is starting. I know i might repeat myself, but don't you just long for a fabulous coat? I'm such a coat-collector and for me, that's such an important part of my closet. Yet we want the lovely mild weather and not the rain and cold temperatures coming with it.

This weeks is busy for me and it will try my logistic plans more then ever. I hope it will work out fine. Since i've stopped with the gluten and hardly any alcohol two weeks ago, my migraine is really much better though. Let's hope it will last!

Wish you all a great start of the week!

(cashmere sweater: Agnona, leather trousers: Isabel Marant, bag: Chanel & heels: Footlight, here)


  1. No gluten, no alchol where is gone my good lively Stina? No meat soon??? Vegan non? Are you sure that it is that for the missing migraines? Have you done serious exams with a dr? We say so
    Much about gluten etc....
    Well it will not be very funny for M?

  2. Förstår hur det är med hämtning och lämning av barn. Det här med logistiken. Vi har också två barn (men på samma förskola, annars skulle det knappt gå) på 2 och 4 år. Jag hämtar och lämnar nästintill varje dag och det stressar otroligt. Och då ska vi inte prata om när barnen blir sjuka och det är dags att vabba. Ibland känns det som om det är tänkt att en i familjen ska vara hemma på heltid tills barnen byggt upp lite immunförsvar. Jag fasar lite inför hösten och alla sjukdomar men kanske blir det lite bättre med tiden?
    /från en trött småbarnsförälder

  3. Those trousers are to die for! Very cool. So good that your migranes are better, but always bad with all the stress. But so hard to live life without any stress.... I like your outfit posts, always so nice to see your combinations. Have a good week! //Laila

  4. Yes as said Laila your combinations of outfits are alway very interesting with a great sens if the fashion being not too much but very inspirating may be because I would not had the idea of mixing certain coulours together. And of course you are the perfect model to show them.
    Happy that you have less migraines,dearest.