Sunday, August 30, 2015


This Sunday was spent in company with a very longed for person, Lissie, my little sister who been living in South America in different places for quite some time now. She is home for some month before leaving again to another continent, one of my favourites.
We had a lovely time at Rosendals Trädgårdscafe and the kids absolutely adore her (and mortar). The weather is still magnificent, colder in the mornings but gets warm and lovely during daytime.

(wool cardigan: from a boutique in SOF, trousers: Isabel Marant, espadrilles: Samsoe&Samsoe)


  1. What a happiness to receive your dear sister . You must be so happy to find her back. And this we with all yoir family and M should have been a true "regal" .
    I would like to have such a great family with all of them..........
    Hugs beautiful

  2. Hi Stina! I am a reader who rarely comments. I am confused. Have you moved to Sweden permanently?

    Thank you for sharing your life on this blog. You inspire the way I dress.

    Greetings from Maine.