Friday, August 28, 2015

With a hint of orange ...

Finally Friday! I feel so tired after this week, yet satisfied and complete. Hopefully we'll have a calm (doubt it with my boys) weekend and just do fun things which we enjoy. The weather is still outstanding in August and it's sad that my parents boat is up on land, else I would have suggested another archipelago trip.

I got the most gorgeous leather pants the other day, can't wait to put a nice outfit together and pair it with some boots.

(vest: Zara, top, H&M, trousers: 2nd Day, bag: Cèline & ballets: Chanel)


  1. May be a long sleeves T shirt and another colour would had been better with this nice yellow coat?
    It's a suggestion but you look stunning as usual

    1. Hi, I would not chose a long sleeved t-shirt for this, but taste is as unique as the viewer!

  2. Personally I absolutely love this look - effortlessly chic!