Tuesday, September 22, 2015


I don't know what it is, pms must be knocking on my door step, but I'm not at all in good mood. Irritated, negative and just feel it is too much all over in my life right now. Hopefully better in a couple of days. Back with a preferably more positive Stina.



  1. What you said, exactly. Weird, but comforting Im not the only one unbalanced a t m.

  2. I know such days all too well; Burned out. Try to take some time off to nurture your spirit and soul and you should be your effervescent self once again. Take care, beautiful.
    xx, Suzanne.

  3. Well, you still look lovely and it’s good to recognise that it’s probably hormonal. Kate

  4. Dont worry Stina, all all women are like you even they dont regonize it..... Me the first....
    And after these huge heat in July, suddenly cold, grey, etc autumn.... Hormones etc made that our spirit, body, evetything is tired. Soon you will recuperate your energy. You look beautiful anyway!
    Life is not so easy for everyone from time to time, even with a lot of happiness in it.

  5. Kanske det är kontrasten från sommar/sensommar till hösten och den kommande vintern som kommit ikapp. Det ÄR stor skillnad på att vara ledig och njuta av sol och värme och så pang ska vi in i vardagen som inte alls är lika "lugn" och avslappnad. Sänder dig styrkekramar och hoppas att du känner dig bättre till mods inom kort. Kanske det är lite mer tid för dig själv som behövs, som massage, promenera i naturen, kanske pilatesstunder för dig själv (om du inte redan har det), bara vara i din egen bubbla ibland. Med all respekt att det är väldigt svårt då du ofta är ensam med pojkarna. Du ser dock, som alltid, så fin och fräsch ut! Kram

  6. Så får det också vara ibland. Och du är slående vacker även när du är på dåligt humör! <3 Stor kram till dig


  7. Stina I have had horrible pms at times that just made me feel not the same person, so down and overwhelmed and without hope, it's very difficult to cope with. This was very bad in my 30's and also went with the hormonal migraine headaches... ugh how tiresome it was. The good news is that things improve, I'm 45 now and headaches are a thing of the past, I am likely heading into further hormonal changes but with my children older the time is there for lots of fitness, nutrition, quiet time every single day (hard to image with little monkeys as you have currently I know: I've been there). Things ease up so much with family life, you are at the busiest stage just now and you'll have more time for yourself, I also think as women our fertility sort of torments us, I often thought my body was punishing me with pms because it was thinking: well where's the next baby then?
    Take heart and know you are not alone, you are busy but your boys are beautiful and you have high standards, which means you are doing a good job but also it is at times difficult. Hugs to you.

  8. Hi Stina,
    have you ever tried hormonal yoga (by Dinah Rodrigues)? I suffered depression, pain and cycles over 8 weeks. I felt so lost. Then I attended a 2 day hormonal yoga workshop. Since I'm practicing regularly (4-5 times a week, 25 minutes per session), I feel completely like a new person. I'm relaxed and calm, have so much energy, have a normal female cycle. It's overwhelming to experience, how easy life can actually be. I know other women between the age of 30 and 50, who made similar experiences.


  9. May You feel all those rainbows inside that are connected to Aquarius real soon, You Lovely Lady <3

  10. We all have days like that and love you regardless :-) Take some special time for yourself, it does wonders! xox