Sunday, September 20, 2015

For the soul

The bad news turned out to not be so bad after all and we've actually have had such a cosy family weekend. It's good to be reminded what you have sometimes in life.

Today we went out to a farm with the children, eat waffles with cream and jam, the kids ride horses, we walked in the forest for a long time and snuggled in the tv-room in the end. Just my kind of Sunday with autumn just knocking at the door step, yet warm and amazingly pretty outside!

(sweater: old from Zara, jeans: Superjeans of Sweden, shoes: Isabel Marant)


  1. Vi var på Tyresö Slott idag. Mycket trevligt! Rönninge By?

  2. That is good! And so nice to be out in the nature and enjoy the few warm days we have now. Seems like a lovely weekend. /Laila

  3. I love you when you're casual like this, the party looked great fun and what a relief that the news tuned out to be not too bad after all.

  4. Good news.
    You are pretty also with a relax jump and jeans and your so cute little monsters.aside you...
    But your face still look a lttle bit sad dear Stina. It seems that there are still snow on the way.
    In fact you can wear anything with the kind of body you have! Casua, chic, ssport, fashionable , all suits you.