Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Jeans skirt

So my youngest is sick but we're happy because we expect visits form M's parents today from Geneva. I also feel a little so so but hopefully the fresh hot ginger water I'm drinking will cure me fast!

(shirt: Tom Ford, skirt: Lindex (in stores now)


  1. Ginger water Stina?? For which kind of sickness?
    I like your skirt I would have opened one button (last one),
    Me too a little bit sick

  2. I love this look on you!
    I haven't been sick for about 15 years, not even a cold, I wish I knew why, I might start selling my plasma! Hope your little one feels better soon.

  3. Stina när börjar en kvinnas hy åldras i ansiktet? När börjar man generellt sätt märka på lystern, elasticiteten och fuktighet? Ändras färgen också? Vad är normalt och vad ska man tänka på?

    Jag har små röda prickar på kinderna aom knappt syns samt röda blodkärl. Kan man ta bort dessa med laser? Mvh Alexandra

  4. Love the outfit, so fresh and sensual!
    Just tarted reading your old posts about being pregnant. We are expecting out first child next year. Amazing and sacry. :)
    Soon weekend! hang in there!

  5. Classic and fresh outfit! Hope your cold never brakes out. Laila

  6. Gorgeous look on you. Kate

  7. Yes classic on you, not the habit to see you like this but of course it suits you.

  8. Oh, la la! What a crisp shirt! You look absolutely stunning. Thank you for being such an inspiration. Mirim

  9. I do not like so much this skirk on you sorry. You look like a secretary going to her job! Of course, pretty as usual.