Monday, September 7, 2015

Saturday fun

Such a cosy family day and I love having my God daughter close (the little girl in a dress) and to see my oldest bestie (the one with a baby boy)  being a God mother to Alexis, which makes our children "cousins". They play so well together. Since I have no daughter myself, i love buying her beautiful clothes and can't wait until she can inherit some of my closet when she is older!

(and yes, I cut little Leons hair for the first time ever ... )


  1. Such lovely pictures, thanks for sharing! What are they watching on the 1st picture? Looks like they are al hypnotized. :-D

    1. Some cartoon! Yes, a lollipop and a good film!

  2. Gorgeous photos! I love a great family get together :-)

  3. OMG! So lovely pictures and the House Looks Amazing and cosy. You had a wonderful day for sure. Regards, Katrin

  4. It's so good to have a group of friends with young children the same age, makes it so fun and the kids grow up together like an extended family. Even better when you have made the connection official by being godmother to each other's firstborn, so nice.
    Your friend's house is lovely, the lounge area in the first picture looks so cozy yet pretty and perfect for family life.
    Leon looks even cuter with his haircut if that's possible... and Alexis is getting so tall it's amazing. xo

  5. What beautiful children and fab pics!

  6. The 2 blond ladies besides you on your right lookt sistets, are they?
    Nice family's pucture. The house is very lovely well a bit too much in the forest for me but I use to live in a big city and have not such a geat family.
    Best regards

  7. Such a nice day with good friends and family. Everybody is having such a nice time. The children are adorable. Your Goddaughter is very sweet. You will have fun sharing your closet with her some day! Lucky little girl has the best possible Godmother.

  8. So many gorgeous children and mums!

  9. When I began to read your blog many many years ago, I could never imagine you with all these children around you! Incredible how is the way of llife. Even M sould be astonished no??
    And you look always more beautiful Stina.

  10. Tabitha : as I dont want to
    Enter into Instragram I cannot leave message or comments to your pictures....
    Sorry Stina for this message to T.