Wednesday, September 30, 2015


How's life Stina?
- Life's pretty good. I try to remind myself how blessed I am even though we all struggle with "this or that", I really have so much to be humble for and I try to make myself aware of that every single day. My family is pretty much all that I really need and my boys are my constant crush and source of happiness and being in the present. 
Fall is my favorite time of year and I try to enjoy it both by being outside playing football with my small Zlatan's, but also to light candles in the evening and indulge in the cosiness.

What music are you listening to at the moment?
- This! Can't get enough of the sound!

What do you long for?
- London! Shopping, cocktails with girlfriends and slow mornings with my girls in a hotel bed! To have time to exercise again etc etc ...

How's the school going for Alexis? 
- Amazingly good. I'm so proud of him and want to scream out to the would that he is my son! I love who he is and that he really is a very strong personality and he is extremely social and shyness do not exist in his vocabulary. With that said he has a lot of integrity and is sensitive, a side I adore. He treats me like a queen, really. I owe that to their father.

It really hit me how under-stimulated kindergarden was for him and how much he loves to learn. My mother in law pushed for this school just as my man, and they both where right. It was just what he needed.

What stage is Leon in right now?
- My beautiful and chubby little friend goes in and out of different phases. Some weeks he is just a bundle of joy, laughing, cuddly and just so pleasant to have around, whereas other weeks he cries, is very angry for nothing, has tantrums and goes around like the dwarf in Snow white, Grumpy.

I've cut his hair by myself two times already. I feel he is so cute with his shorter hairstyle. With that said, Alexis hair has never been cut at all. It's free and wild, just like his persona.

How's life as a mother in general in the age the boys are in?
- We've gone through some really hard years with two very small children who both needed me endlessly and fought a lot. Now Alexis is so mature and his balanced and fun being is creating a new and much better relationship to his brother. They still fight a lot, but before I almost thought something was wrong.
So point is that life as a mother 85 percent of the time is just a blessing and I love being with them. I do understand why a lot of mothers do not work though since working and taking care of a whole family is almost impossible without getting insane. Alexis has home work everyday and activities two times per week and that take logistic and planning even to another level. But when I see the progress this school is making on him, I just feel gratitude and constantly impressed by his knowledge and easy learning head.

Next buy?
- The Mini UGG's för indoor (already my feet's are like ice), new wool sweaters in a over size look, maybe a new bag and a WARM winter jacket.

How does a normal day look like?
- If I'm by myself that week it's - up at 6.45am, making healthy smoothie for my boys, taking mr: Tiger out. Waking the boys up (if they are not already up), packing Alexis snack box and preparing his school bags, dressing Leon and then making sure Alexis dresses himself. Taking a shower (with the boys all around), putting make up on and getting dressed (still with my entourage of course) ... Eating some breakfast while doing plenty small things in the kitchen and brushing the boys teeth then getting us all dressed in preferably weather suitable wear and the getting us all into the car and first dropping off Leon then driving to Alexis school and dropping him off before I go and park my car and take the subway to work.
I pick Alexis up by 15.30 and then directly Leon, often we're out in the garden for some time then cooking and all of the things we need to do in the late afternoon. when Leon is in bed at 7.30pm I do Alexis home work with him and then we snuggle in front of the TV until bedtime. At the house is quite and I'm so tired but often have a lot to to!

If you could dream a little?
-My man would surprise me with a weekend to some romantic yet fun place and just have fun together! AND, all of our renovations are done (will take another three-four month I assume).

Have a great Wednesday!


  1. Har du slutat använda Jan Marini för Akademikliniken?

    1. No i still use their wash which is excellent! Jan Marini is still one of my favorite medical brands.


  2. Kul att läsa! Jag undrar hur du gör med Tiger på dagarna? Har själv hund och här är ständig stress med att planera dagarna, hitta dog walkers och lösa hundrastning.

    1. I've got help from a neighbor but he is so old and can be by himself for quite some time during days. He sleeps mostly anyhow. We don't take walks with him anymore, he is a cat in dog wear.

  3. Hi Stina!

    If you are interested in questions, I would love to hear why you moved from Switzerland to Sweden. I remember you calling Sweden boring?

    Also, would love to read more on how Swedes dress, how you would like them to dress, how you change your style in Sweden (most people somehow change according to the location, don't they?).

    Thank you for your blog. I look forward to it every time I see new post!


    1. Hi,

      Yes I still find Sweden sometimes boring and so cloned, but it's very good with children and I missed working so therefor we decided to try Sweden again.

      We still pounder where to move in the further though ...

      I'll get back to Swedes way of dressing in another post.


  4. Hi!

    Love the long post and your gorgeus outfits the last couple of days. I am also a big fan of fall (the days when you get away with a blazer and a chunky knitted scarf).
    I really enjoy reading about your lovely family life. I am pregnant with my first child and can only imagine how wounderful and diferent it all will be. I have enjoyed reading your old posts from your pregnancies. Love that it is so easy to go back and find old posts in your archive.
    Soon the weekend is here! Take care!

    1. Thank you for the lovely comment and all the best for your future abby, yes life will never be the same again!

  5. Tänkte lite på din migrän... Håller du koll på hud/hårvårdsprodukter som innehåller gluten? Även flour är ett gift som ska undvikas som mycket som möjligt då det inte är bra för våra organ. Laktos kan ju också finnas i produkter som påverkar kroppen men vet inte om det har någon effekt på just migrän?

    Är du och M extremt välbärgade eller är det en känslig fråga? Hur finansierar man sina prylar från modemärken på bästa sätt? KRAM

    1. No I have no idea what my hair products contains further that they work magic for my hair!

  6. Stina, I notice that you are wearing the same glasses in your last couple of posts. May I ask where you got them/what brand are they?

  7. Dear Stina, I follow you for quite some time now, as our children are roughly the same age and we have some similarities, like husbands from further South in Europe etc. It is probable that we will soon be in the situation in which my husband moves his business to his homeland and starts commuting back to us in Sweden (in the future, we would like to live in his country, maybe with me commuting for work back to Sweden). This is a very strange choice for many around us, and sometimes seems to provoke other people. As you are living a similar situation since many years, I would love your thoughts on how to make the best of it, if it s not too personal.


    1. Dear MK,

      honestly, it's not easy but you can do it. But you will be the one who does the hard work, especially if you work on top of that and if you have no help with the household.

      For the relationship, it will either bring you further away from each other or closer. It will probably take some time to get use too and communication between you two is crucial.

      You will have even more respect for all single mums out there, I have because i feel like that every second week.

      Everyone around (except my man's parents) think this is crazy and no one understand how i manage. But we really have no choice at the moment so this is now how it has to be.

      I wish you all the luck and be strong! You will ned up having an amazing relationship with your children since you will be their secure ground. I would also recommend to put everything else in your life on hold because the energy you have left you need for yourself and your little family!


  8. You are strong, beautifull and each situation in life is not easy. Yours is a good compromise for both your M and his job and your family life Stina. For the time being at least. We never never know how things will evoluate. And your children are growin up in a very equilibrate family's situation.
    By the way, which bag will you buy next??
    Big hugs

  9. Jag älskar ditt röda mobilskal! Vart kan jag hitta det?