Monday, October 19, 2015

Best accessorie

So this autumn in Sweden has just been impeccable, nothing to complain about. Cold mornings that melts into perfect autumn days with 10-14 degrees. This is the sort of autumns I use to love in Zürich, something I miss dearly and would mova away from Sweden just to have.
These pictures is from yesterday, i can't believe how pretty the colours are and they will soon get into even more of a concert of warm shades in red, orange, brown and yellow.
I fear the cold winter and it's so not my cup of tea, maybe a few weeks of winter wonderland over Christmas but then I'm craving this or summer again. Autumn fashion is also my best season and I love indulging in clothes. It's much easier and more fun to dress on then to be all naked, wouldn't you agree?
The best accessories though is always a bunch of handsome men (boys), something i'm blessed to have plenty off!
(coat: Stella McCartney, jeans: Superjeans of Sweden, wedges: Isabel Marant & bag: Hermés)


  1. How tall is Alexis. Incredible.
    Dont regret Switerland Stina. Life is difficult there at the moment. Enormous crisis.... Like in France...
    And I never understood how you can like the Swiss German people, sorry... They are so different and rough comparate to Swisss French people. M should know that coming from French part I understood. For me its another world.... Anyway, you are stunning as usual.

    e from Lught French people.... But a Swedish girl cannot really realize that, its normal. M should do.

    1. Dear Uta,

      Alexis is so tall, all of his jeans that I bought before summer is 10cm short ... He is above normal in length and since I'm very much into tall men myself, I hope it will continues like this.

      I'm not super fond of the Swiss German people in general, but also find the Siss French (women) a little hard, but whne you get to know them it's better.

      Recently I though London could be the best of two worlds to move too, we'll see in the future where destiny takes us.

      Big hug,

  2. Hi, Stina! I have 3 boys, so yeah, I know what you mean. It's lovely to be the only woman in the family but sometimes, I am definitely outnumbered! haha. By the way, I love your Birkin! Is it Gris T? If you ever want to let go of this, let me know! :-)
    xx, Suzanne

    1. It is! The colour is more creamy and alive then the Eutope that most people have when they take this sort of grey/beige shade on their Birkin.

      Email me at and I'll show you another darling.

  3. Wow! Love the causal style as always! Fall is my favourite season for fashion to. Then comes spring. I think it is difficult to dress the way i want during summer. But often small dresses fix it.

    1. Yes but it's much easier to "put an outfit" together when we actually has something o work with ha ha ha ...

  4. So chic, Stina! Could you please tell me which blush and lipstick you wore on these pictures? Love!

    1. Thank you! I wore a terracotta coloured blush from Chanel and on the top part Orgasm from NARS.
      On my lip I have a beige lip pen from Dior and Tom Ford's lipstick in Vanilla.