Friday, October 23, 2015

Halloween mood

Yesterday a had such a full schedule with patients, and once again, so many of you are just the sweetest and i LOVE helping you achieve a fresher, better looking and younger look without those lines and hollow places in your face. Thank you for coming to me!

After a had one of the most fun dinner in  a long time. The affordable and fashionable Lindex hosted an amazingly well put together long table with gorgeous table settings, my favorite girls and a handsome guy playing club music and accompanied it with a saxophone, we all had a crush on him, have to be honest … Saxophone is my all time favorite instrument and we all where dancing and just having great time with him playing. Check my Instagram (stina_auer) to get the picture.

I wore these great leather pants trousers from Isabel Marant, combined with my new shawl from by Malene Birger, a black cashmere coat from Greta, white cashmere sweater from Alexander McQueen underneath and a Hermès Birkin to that.

What a fun night! Thank you M and F and Lindex for the best Halloween party and evening!!

Really had a blast!


  1. I almost dont dare to leave any comments from now, due to the reaction of some of your followers !!!
    Sorry Stina because you know that my English is not verry good but I liked to comment ! As you prefer..,

  2. Dear Stina
    As I told you lastly I have wifi' problems in our area.
    So, I dont know if you receive well.
    Anyway due to the very bad comments I received from this Anonymous person on the last one concerning my bad English (which is true) but as I dont want to be laughed by this kind of person I prefer not comment if you dont understand what I mean.... And you know how much I love your blog since more than 5 years now.... When this critical persons dare to be So arrogant with you also,and your
    Faithful readers as I am may be you should answer something. Because now as I dont want to be judged by these kind of people I probably will not be able to comment myself...
    And I really really love to "speak" to you.... Its a pity really.

    1. Dear Uta,

      lPlease do not care. I will not publish any nasty or rude comment. I have not seen any one commenting on your English which is really good by the way! Please don't take this personal, there will always be someone being irritated in someone and we should raise above that and realize that everyone is different and comes from different minds and hearts.

      I love your smart, bitty, fun and interesting comments and would be very very sad, not to mention empty, if you stopped!

      Have a wonderful friday evening dear cyber-friend!

  3. Thank you Stina, my heart feels really better now..., i am attached to your personality, beauty, family, quality of life, your good taste, and still more....
    even M that we know less, your 2 beautiful little ones and its true, I am too sensible.... But I do not like aggressive people.
    Big hugs

    For your fun evening, you wer

  4. You are always flawless, elegant and stylish. it's also very inspiring to be your patient. Hugs and kisses, Karoline

  5. Dear Stina and Uta, why don't you two arrange to meet in real life? You seem to have so much in common. Wouldn't that be nice to read about!
    Kind regards, K.

    1. K.,

      I often think/wonder the same thing. Have Uta and Stina ever met in real life since they are so similar? (As far as I can tell by Uta's comments). That would be interesting to see here on the blog!

    2. and they finally met, formed the cutest lesbian couple in the world , and adopted some world babies.just kidding girls!!do not stop writing Uta: you're a pilar of Stina's blog!

  6. Why not, we would form a beautifull family!! Includind our husbands....