Friday, October 30, 2015


I've had the best time with Alexis the last couple of days. Only him and me during the days, playing, shopping, having lunch and doing things he loves. Autumn break in his school is two weeks (!!!) and we've taken Leon to kindergarden so that we could focus on our oldest.
This week my man has been away and truly ... I'm so blessed. Even though I complain that it is hard (because it is really hard very often) it's also so wonderful with my boys. And this week they have even played well together again.

(coat: byMalene Birger, trousers: Stella McCartney, bag: Cèline & boots: Acne)


  1. Hej Stina. Såg er i stan igår, och blev helt paff hur vacker du är i verkligheten. Tack för en underbar blogg och att du delar med dig av dina svåra stunder. Hälsningar Shirin

    1. I say the same, seen you in reality, photos don't do you justice.....ten times more beautiful in reality:)

  2. I never noticed that you have such a pretty nose ! Yes its superficial but life is so serious with such serious problems no??
    BTW its a difficult colour but which suits you very well. The coat I mean. Very luminous on you.
    We find less and less M Biger in France.

  3. Stina I really have problems with my comments to you which never appear or 2 days after... It should be a problem.

  4. Hi Stina,
    Absolutely gorgeous colour!
    What a good idea to spend the time with Alexis, it's time that you'll never get back and will be a lasting happy memory. I also have that memory with my son, of the year before he started school, we did every thing together including lunch time concerts where he would stand up and clap enthusiastically at the end. Such good times.