Saturday, October 24, 2015

Smokey eyes

Yesterday at work was a lot to do which made me happy but exhausted and I had to rush back home since we hosted a dinner for some good friends. I had to warn them in advance that we could not go on longer then midnight because this week with kids sick and all, plus the fact that there will be no sleeping in with my two monkeys ... I have neither energy or patience to sleep four hours and run a whole day on Saturday in full speed. I just can't do it, no matter how much I love being tipsy and talk or dance forever. The price is too high the day after one have to plan well and be mature.

I went for a different look, a back sleek bun with very black/smokey eyes. I actually liked it and God was it practical? Ehh, yes!

(vest: Zara, trousers: Stella McCartney, earrings: Chanel & heels: Salvatore Ferragamo)


  1. Hi Stina, I know what you mean with the lack of sleep and not being able to function the following day, I am the same, I need a minimum of seven hours sleep although it would be nice to have nine! Hope the kiddies are better, it's horrible when they're sick but they seem so healthy I'm sure they'll be fine soon. There are a lot of blogs that don't allow anonymous comments because sarcastic and spiteful people hide behind them. Maybe you could d
    o the same, I have noticed one anonymous commenter always says something mean and nasty. Thank you for your blog, I consider it a privilege to be invited to share the daily comings and goings of another persons life. You are a lovely person, in every way.
    Hugs, Vicki.

  2. Hur kan man vara så snygg!? How can you (always) look so gorgeous - despite tough work week and busy schedule? I am impressed you didn't cancel dinner and cooking and hosting - and just crash in bed... So much energy you always have? I mean dinner guests also means planning menar, shopping food, cleaning house, cooking, setting table etc etc. Would love a post about your tips and tricks for hosting guests, convinced you have a lot of them including a few favourite go-to recepies. Thank you for blogging and sharing!

  3. Och alltid målade naglar :) Hur hinner du allt? :)

  4. Stina this is the third comment I leave... Always wifi problems where I am....
    Anyway, I was saying how much I admire you to take all in charge with 2 little very active little monsters and remaining as beautiful as you are. Continue to make us to dream. Ignore these jealous nasty comments from persons who envy you, your life, beauty etc.
    Hope M was here for your diner and that he could appreciate your smoky and bun very pretty on you. I like this Zara Vest also, very posh. Alexis lookes like an angel drawing at you dressing table....... Calm moment! Well, I also admire your energy and your lovely personality.

  5. Love your eye make-up? What did you cook for Dinner? Would love to get some Inspiration:)