Sunday, October 18, 2015

Stella girl

Last week have been so full up, apologise for my lack of updates but life and the childeen always comes first in priority and i've been by myself until Saturday mid day so no times for anything else. Yesterday I attended a really nice medical, educational day which Galderma (Restylane, Azzalure, Emervel) held and they ended it with a lovely dinner galore at Berns later in the evening. You who follow me on Instagram (stina_auer) already seen what I wore during the night but this was my style during daytime.
 I'm so in love with most things Stella McCartney does at the moment, it's always with a twist and very fashionable yet functional and I'm completely dressed in her design on this picture, except the bag and the snake boots. The coat is just amazing and I'll wear it on a better picture later!

Have a cosy Sunday and talk soon!


  1. yes, snake is not stella's favorite Thing - maybe in nature, not as bag or shoes...haha ;)

    1. Very true, but I use fur and leather, eat meat and have leather on our car seats, I eat egg, drink milk and have leather and suede on my bag, shoes, accessories. It's all the same. Fur is not less good then a leather bag, it's just two different layers of animals.

      I do respect and look up to her as a vegan and for making amazing design, completely leather/fur free. It's really an inspiration! I can't keep up with it because if I stopped using leather then I should not eat meat and drink milk etc etc ... It's difficult.

      Have a god day!

  2. Dear Stina of course you are coherent and I also have frequently this kind of observation!
    But, I am not ready to finish to wear leather etc , eat what I like, and it's also my choice. Now, everyone does and lives following his convictions....
    By the way this little coat is really pretty. The one of your friend on the picture's right side is also very nice.

  3. Zut Stina. My comment concerning what I thought about the 1st one does not look to have left!! Of course it was going to your very good answer concerning leather etc etc.

  4. Love your look, and especially the touch of red. The trousers suit you well, but I would personally find them hard to wear, but nice to see that you do. Looking forward to more autumn looks!! /Laila