Sunday, October 25, 2015

The beauty of Autumn

This Saturday felt like a Sunday. The kids had so much energy (I had not) but apart from that the nature really gave it best in beauty and freedom. They picked leaves outside our house and we played football for hours. In the evening I cooked a lovely dinner and soon we're putting the last one to bed (the oldest) and I will probably fall asleep in the sofa.

Hope you take advantage of the nature now before winter is here!

(new padded coat from: byMalene Birger, trousers: Super jeans of Sweden, boots: Chloé & shades: Dior)


  1. I didn't realize that you live so much outside in the nature! Whaouh for someone like me who is a full-complete-absolute town person, it would be difficult, even I like to go to walk in the country.... Wgen goid weather, not too cold, etc etc....
    I agree these colours are beautiful and for your children's health this is wonderful. But I probably get depressed.... Happily you work, travel, have your parents not too far, many friends...
    As usual very well dressed in any circumstances. The boys look very happy playing inside the leaves.
    Bug hugs

  2. Lovely pictures!! Just came back from the countryside myself. Love the fall and all the colors!
    Just read your stories from your two births. Thank you for sharing. Reading about others experience makes it easier to understand what I am going to prepare for myself later this spring. Have a great week!

  3. Hi Stina,

    What lovely photos! It's so nice to see kiddies playing outside, especially with the little doggie. Love the picture of the teacup too. It seems that your summer was only there for a short time, here in Australia summer is often half the year or more depending on where you live, I often long for the cold! The boys are growing up fast, soon you'll wonder where these days went.
    Hugs, Vicki.

  4. I am surprised you haven't received more comments on this lovely post! The nature is absolutely magnificent and your boys are ADORABLE! It seems that they both love Mr Tyger very much. Do they try to play with him often? Or do they bug him (even if they do not mean too!) lol

    And your coat, I love it! The sunglasses add a touch of glam.