Monday, October 26, 2015


This week our master bathroom is finally starting its complete make over/renovation. Nothing is left in that room exempt wood and pipes.
It will take at least a month before it's ready, but Lord will it be amazing (hopefully). Can't wait. Our "spa area" is also getting some new floor and shower which will hopefully make us use the sauna and that area more then we do now.

Thank you for the comments on the post below, please add more information if you can! Always so interesting to hear advice and experience from you readers!

Talk soon!


  1. The picture on ZH with your son on the stairs is one of the wonderful one! Your are so beautifull Stina...
    I remember of it and in fact you have been stunning at any time, everywhere.,.in any situation.
    Lucky M.... He should not leave you to much alone...... Such a pretty wife!

  2. I mean the one on Instragram.