Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Getting the children to kindergarden and school and rushing off to work yesterday morning. I wore this mink jacket I really start falling in love with again (felt it too "ladylike" after I bought it two years back in Zürich and have kept it hanging lonely more or less) and my favorite dotted jeans from Stella McCartney and attended a nice dinner in the evening.

Hope you all had a great day! We sang Christmas carols all the way to school this morning, very cosy and can't wait to start decorating our house in a red, green and silver spirit!


  1. Love this jacket, it is very ladylike and beautiful and how perfect paired with the dotted jeans which are so different and playful.
    I'm getting ready for Christmas and I so enjoy the process, love that you had the spirited drive to school singing carols. xo

  2. One of my favorite furs on you is the whitish Grey coat w/ the fur on the pockets. Fur suits you very well.

  3. Vilken typ av skola går dina barn i? Ingen har väl åldern inne för skola ännu?

    Mvh Petra