Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Children cashmere

I've always used cashmere as a daily material for my boys. Earlier I always bought from one brand i use to love but they stopped produce for children at one point so I found another brand in Switzerland where I started to buy both sweaters and pants but Swiss prices were crazy expensive and we moved away so I had to find something else.
Cashmere is a great material in so many ways; it's warm, airs itself, handles humidity, do not scratch on the body and feel light and lovely to wear, not to mention that they look well dressed. So by accident I came a cross this brand Rock the Goat and was so happy to see that even if the cashmere and clothes are made in Italy, it's actually Swedish.

So I bought two set ups of the same two sweaters since the boys love dressing the same and I do think it's "to die for cute" when they do.
This grey/blue one is just gorgeous and I also got two striped ones in darker blue which they wore today and where so happy to look the same.

Check it out here, perfect to keep our smaller ones warm and cosy during the colder season!


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