Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Another cold day, another step closer to Christmas. We have a big house and during work hours (when we're basically not at home) we lower the temperature down, but since I was at home today it took some time to get the house warm again and I wore double layers at home. It's 21.5° so nothing to complain about, but for a frozen soul like me, I prefer 23.5° and above, always. Down south they already have snow, I hope it will arrive in Stockholm about two weeks before Christmas and not earlier.

Have a great beginning of the week. The whole family here are so so, but hopefully It will not get worse.

(shawl: Hermés, boots: Isabel Marant & bag: Dolce & Gabbana)


  1. I Know that your are not found of the H shawl but it really suits you very well.
    You should buy some others ones.
    We also have minus temperature night and about 3o Max during day, which is very very cold for me too.
    For me its not enough warm 22 in the house! I cannot i need to be warm to cocoon....

  2. The LV shawls are nice also following colours.

  3. I keep my house at 18.5 during the day and night, only bringing it up to about 20 from 7-9am, to help my kids get going and off to school. It is cold I guess but we do get used to it, lots of sweaters and scarves in the house. Wool shawls from Brora and sometimes even fingerless cashmere gloves from Brora, which makes us seem like characters out of Dickens but the heat is so expensive these days and our house is large. Makes me worry for those on low fixed incomes though.
    Love this big scarf on you, so pretty! You are looking well and I hope all of your family will be healthy as the cold settles in. XO

  4. Madonna! 18.5 in the house with shawls, pullovers, gloves etc.... It's very very hard to live like this....
    I prefer to live in a rental huge flat on 2 stairs in an attic..... At least this is the regie who pays and organizes us a very nice warm temperature! If too hot, we can regulate it.

  5. Funny how we all are so different with out preferences about the room/house temperature. I like it quite cool, about 19 degrees. Any temperature above 22 makes me feel really uncomfortable :) We live in Finland (and are used to cold, of course) and we even keep the bedroom windows open in wintertime too (in summertime every single window is open day and night). And it's not because of the cost of the heating since our heating is very cheap (I don't know what it is called, but the heating is provided by the city were we live, with hot water circulating through the pipes). We just love it a little bit chilly :)


  6. We have 24-25 degrees all day long. Anything below that and I freeze even though I always wear 2-3 good layers. We had to change all the radiators in our apartment which is very old with almost 4m to the ceiling and install extra ones and golvvärme.

    At work they keep us at 21-22 degrees and it's terribly cold, lots of people wear scarves or have blankets. I keep a 60W lamp constantly on to warm my hands. I would die if I had to put up with that at home. Not being Swedish it would end in divorce and I'd move back home. I'm starting to get quite worried about living in a country where you can hardly open the windows, so many people coughing, with asthma and allergies.

  7. Well for me less than 23/24 at home I cannot live.
    They can decrease a little bit for the night but winter is rude I need to be warm un the apartment.