Monday, November 2, 2015

Few days back ...

Sorry for my lack of updates but it gets DARK by 4pm in Sweden. This period is hard, not only for the part of living a complete darkness most of the days - but also for my outfit pictures who then needs to be taken in the early morning when the light is still there ...

Stay tuned, just received a lovely, lovely new friend or two ...


  1. Love the shape of these sunglasses and your coat! Where are they from?

  2. Love all the family ! Stina you are such a beauty.... Where is M. We never see you for a long time?
    Does he de realize that you are alone
    too often ! Too much....Is he living in ZH or does he go from time to time to GVa visiting parents or....friend? He should be more careful of you. Its not my business I know, but do you know who he is seeing when not with you? You really deserve someone who takes care of you! And also children.

    1. Such a shame woman , these jealous words of yours.What don't you sweep your door floor instead of watching the neighbor's one???

  3. Whaou I like this picture... Beautiful, the air on the top suit you very well, and Alexis very tall a big boy now.. I also like this coat.
    Hugs hugs

  4. Love the way you carry the bag, you inspirational you!

  5. How can someone find it right to speculate on another persons life, not knowing anything at all, just being nosy? Its utterly despicable!
    Stina, you look lovely! That is, all three of you!

  6. Stina,
    hoppas din läpp är bättre. Det är hemskt att ha munherpes :(... Undrar också över denna jacka/kappa? Super fin på dig!

  7. Love your updo, so easy and your really suit it.

  8. You look beautiful Stina! and the boys always so healthy looking. You're such a good mother.
    Hugs, Vicki.