Monday, November 9, 2015


I hope you instead of looking at my lip rather enjoy these diamonds sparkling stars that are very original and fun. One is just a little star and the other one is a star falling down from Ole Lynggaard's beautiful and playful collection. Those and my Fendi SS16 sunglasses hopefully will take the focus elsewhere!
So this is what I wore, half dead last Friday. I had to cancel one of our dinners because my body just cried for rest and calm - which I ended up getting very little of in the end but anyhow. I think I look like and old tired woman here but the clothes are pretty!

Have a great Monday!

(coat: Stella McCartney, sweater: IRO, jeans: H&M, flats: Heelow, diamond earrings: Ole Lynggaard & bag: Saint Laurent)


  1. Dont worry Stina, its not a bad herpès who makes you looking as an old woman....
    You are BEAUTIFUL as usual everything is in the head when we are tired..... Your SMC coat with new bag, glasses are adorable as you know, I am not found if this new lenght of trousers ! It's fashionable but I think its cutting the silhouette if you understand my terrible English.... Its a personal choice of course, I will not buy this kind of trousers. I am about the same size than you 1m72 but I look very short with that kind of trousers.

  2. Örhängena är magiska! Vet du vad modellen heter? Hittar de inte på deras hemsida. Har länge funderat på att unna mig ett par örhängen från Lynggaard.

  3. Hej Stina!
    Var är ditt vackra örhänge ifrån?


  4. Stina where did you find this glasses there are incredible? I watched on fendi websait but didnt find this one

  5. Stina have you seen the new collection of J.Brand, californian trade, velvet trousers "pattes d'éléphant ' i really do not know the transaltion! Seen on Kate Hudson. Style 1970, when slim and tall very nice.

  6. 299.- euros.. Not cheap true!

  7. Stina, please do not publish the hateful comments of the anonymous one! What a nasty, miserable person. And she hides behind anonymous!
    Hugs, Vicki