Sunday, November 15, 2015

Lovely Saturday

Such a wonderful whole day filled with love yesterday. Just what we needed after the most terrible terror that happened in in Paris. All my thoughts to those people and their family. Hate is so devastating, it kills us slowly.

But we celebrated one of my bestiebestie (the gorgeous woman in the middle) and had such a cosy lunch at Bocceterian and after went to Teatergrillen and meet up some other dear friends and ended it with dinner among friends and then the concert of Madonna!

Love days like this, they give me energy back! I truly am so blessed with amazing people around me!


  1. Your lips, your cheeks... Stina you are so gorgeous!

    And i love that fur jacket!

    I'm totally not a person who likes a lot of people around... But i really enjoy those pictures on your blog! So many different great styles, it's like a fashion magazin ;) I would love to see more fotos of that evening, especially their GREAT choises of jewellery/necklaces

    Have a great sunday with your family!

    Rebecca S.

    1. That's exactly what I want, for you readers to see beauty in women, style, humans and things that adds some warm feelings to our life!

      Thank you so much!

  2. I find very very pretty the girl on tje left of your bestie who is st top to table ! All very nice but this blond one very fine is really gorgeous and natural. You also of course.

    1. They are all gorgeous and super fun and kind!

  3. Oh what a wonderful panel of pretty and kind friends you have dear Stina. I really would like have that here!!! Unfortunately lot lot of them are jealous or leave me because they don't have my quality of life, travel, money, a very good husband, even I am more than glad and generous to them..... So disappointed lastly with old friends who made me bad things......and very not justified they break down with hard wors after many years because their own life is not easy. Very very difficult to live! May be friendship in Sweden is stronger and less superficial. My heart has been very sad lastly. I suffered. I think I don't deserve it.....