Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Another day, another Tuesday morning leaving the kids to school. Still morning puffy but beautiful and crisp weather. Wearing these Isabel Marant wedges with sheep fur inside and big rubber heel, hopefully they will keep my feet warm during the winter (in addition to my Bally and Uggs).

It's suppose to snow this week and even though I love this milder winters we tend to get more and more for every year - I can't stop thinking (and worrying) what's going to be left for my children and grand children when the climate is melting the ice like this and temperature just getting warmer and warmer. We will end up with the whole Africa and Australia, New Zeland here in Scandinavia as continents when it's starting to be 20° degrees warmers there in general ... Scary thought.

Enjoy your Wednesday!

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  1. I agree Stina, the general situation is very very grave. No jobs almost every where, climate completely changed..... More and more poor people all around us. There is not anymore a medium situation , rich and poor.... We can strongly feel that here in France, even in Switerland, and in all Europe. Climate so much changed and this huge crisis... Scaring me too very much