Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Mum's little helper

My amazing, little caring and cuddly Leon. Such a sweetheart and so pleasant to be around. My mother always said that the best thing a mother has, she puts on a table, and yes, even though my man do not agree and thinks it's messy, thats where my kids are sitting watching me cook or help me if they can.


  1. SO cute! Leon is just adorable, and getting so big... I always had my kids on the counter helping with some stirring or just watching the dinner prep, makes it fun and if they are on the floor looking up, well this is boring for them and they can't be engaged. Messy yes but it's all part of it :) xo

  2. Messy? You dont mind your small one is so happy! and your kitchen looks very nice as the remaining of house.
    Your beige mink vest is up-to-date and no, you dont look as ladylike,but fashion with these trousers and your style. Here, we still do not need to wear fur or warm coats until next Saturday I heard, which will begin to be cold cold....
    Furs are not very well seen in our country.... But if cold I wear them.....
    May be spaghettis' cooking !

  3. Look at how happy Leon is!!!
    Children love to cook and help in the kitchen. They are so proud to produce something and then share their creation. The time together is always great. The clean up is a bit bigger a job because things splatter and spread over the counters and the floor. I'm not complaining...because the reward is greater. Look at Leon's face...Susan .