Monday, November 9, 2015

Restylane Vital

So I've told you before that the most visible aging signs in my face (or just signs of motherhood in general and going through two pregnancies) is the loss of volume in my lower face and the cheek lines I started to get when laughing. They develops from small laugh lines on the side of the mouth up to the cheek (here you can clearly see them and they look worse when laughing) and I don't like them. Most importantly, I don't want them to increase, yet. So last Wednesday I decided to do something about them and injected 1ml of Vital on each side.
Restylane Vital is an amazing form of Hyaluronic acid, it's the most liquid one, almost like a thick amount of water and gives incredible results on early signs of aging, lines or just where the elasticity is lacking and where the skin lost volume.

The day after I was swollen and it looked like I've gained weight in my face and it lasted but improved day by day for three days. Today, Monday I look perfect and actually I recognize my faceagain, it looks much more like it did three years back. I love it. Completely natural and If you look at the last two outfit posts (which are taken after the treatment) you could never see a difference, except when you have a close up on my face and skin which both looks so much fresher! Just what I wanted!

Restylane Vital is something you do in a course of three treatments with approximately six weeks between and I'll do my second one just before Christmas.

(The pictures above shows me with anesthetic cream and the close up is directly after. The lines close to  the mouth (on the side) are completely gone!)

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