Monday, November 9, 2015


So this weekends fun thing was the Stellaween at the Stella McCartney store. That they dare inviting all of these kids with amazing bags and clothes hanging around? I salute them!
This is the second time we attend and it's always so well put together and well organized. Emilia de Poret were hosting this time just like my friend Frida Fahrman did last year.
The kids are in heaven, just crazy high on all sugary delicacies and getting their face painted and get blown away by ballons and a magician.

Stella McCartney might as you've all known, became one of my favorite brands. They feel unique, fun, easy to combine yet pop up an outfit with. The Stella Kids collection is also to die for, I gave a dress to my Goddaughter at one point and on the picture you see Alexis is wearing a muscle sweater from Stella Kids.

Both of the kids arrived as Samurais, with a eye bandana, but you know how kids are. Alexis turned out with a new face painting, half in samurai pants and half in the muscle sweater.

I had a hard time just getting myself ready and it was raining outside so I'm in a funny combo ... Sometimes you're just happy to be outside the door with clothes!

(coat and cap: stella McCartney, sweater: IRO, bag: Saint Laurent & wedges: Isabel Marant)

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  1. It seems like a fun and nice event. And the children look happy. Like your coat also, nice cut. /Laila