Thursday, November 26, 2015

Summer hope

Sorry for my lack of answers to your comments and updates but I've been by myself with the children this whole week and have had a lot to do at work. To not completely crash into the wall, I have to take aways something, and often it's you, here, at my blog who is suffering from boredom (of me not posting anything he, he ...)

So until everything is back to normal and I have rested for a year or so (not), I'll hopefully be back very, very soon. I'll give you some fresh look from this summer now when at least in Scandinavia the darkness and the greyness is just overwhelming. Don't we just love some fresh skin of sun and Pina Colada sort of?

Talk soon and I love to see how this blog just goes on without me with all of your comments to each other and interesting subjects! Keep it up girls!

(Thinking of getting darker in my hair by the way ...)


  1. Stina it's a long week of working to be on your own with the kids, you just have to try to get through it and if your blog is quiet so be it, we will be here when you have time again.
    I love to look at summer photos as the weather turns to dark and freezing! I'm going to Palm Beach Florida in January with my girlfriends and I'm definitely looking forward to that as you can imagine, the cocktails, shopping, the beach! But in the meantime I'm trying to focus on winter sports because here in Canada I think if we don't enjoy the outdoors we really suffer. Such a long winter! We have a ski chalet this winter and we'll spend lots of time there outdoors and also cozy by the fire with chalet foods. Last winter I nearly lost my mind so I'm trying a new strategy this year.
    Hope you have something fun planned for the weekend and also a rest for you! XO

  2. Oh Stina. Please do not leave us for so long even you show us some pictured of children, youbat home,
    Anything but even you rest that I completely understand be here...... Show us snow, parents, you, you, children but I need to read you also during these horrible long days of winter! Do I am sailfish?
    But now, I use to,open my computers the morning and have a smilling picture of you.....we really need to follow you, partucularly during these difficult moments of life. Show us your new clothes, your hair etc etc. You have always a special interest to my eyes..... Even its not important.we do not need philosophical speach....

  3. Oh no, please do not stop your blog Stina, por favor!!

  4. I understand completely your need for a rest Stina! I used to write a blog, long ago when they had first started, it was all very basic then but I gave it up as I found it draining at times. Your blog is always great, no matter what the subject, it's all interesting. I live in Australia so the weather is very hot, I often visit my daughter who lives in Ulladulla, a beautiful beach town. In her house you can hear the waves as it's very close to the beach, I love to go to sleep to that sound. And also wake up to it. Take care and rest Stina, we'll be here when you get back.
    Hugs, Vicki.

  5. Vi finns alltid kvar! Trogna som vi är:) Hoppas du kan återhämta dig snabbt och finna en sorts balans som gör att du fixar allt. Kom i håg att du är en fantastisk tjej, mamma, kollega, vän, dotter, syster och.kärlek till M! Du gör det såååå bra och är.ett proffs uti fingerspetsarna oavsett hur och vad du gör. KRAMAR

  6. Wish you a joyfull första advent!

  7. It's dark here at 3pm and I love it but my hubs can't bear it, I equate the dark with cosiness, he equates it with misery!
    Candles, blankets, food, wine - let's go!

  8. Oh and I want to go platinum blonde! We should switch - my hair would dye but yours would survive it!

  9. Tabitha, I would like to see you to be blonde!!!!!
    I am like your hubs, cannot bear this darkness at 4pm and the samething when I awake.......,
    Good dark day to you..........
    Kind regards