Monday, December 28, 2015

First snow

The world is really upside-down with its particular weather temperatures. It's really scary in many ways. We had 11 plus in December and a week later, minus 6 and snow but let's not think about that for a minute. Even if I prefer milder, no one can resist the magical feeling when the first snowflakes are dancing their way down from heaven, it's a sight for soar eyes and M and me sat in the sofa in front of a fire yesterday evening and saw the landscape slowly turn from grey to this impeccable painting outside our terrace of perfectly made white.

I worked this whole day and I'l do the same tomorrow, then again comes a small holiday time until next week when reality is back again after the new year celebration!

Hope you all enjoying yourself!


  1. Like you, I'd prefer a mild winter. Seems you got some snow cover. We expect a storm tomorrow 3-6 inches with a rain snow mix. The mix is never good. Love your coat with the lovely fur collar. Who is the maker? Looking forward to the 2016 celebrations! Susan

  2. Its a very strange season this year, everywhere.... Too hot, no rain, no snow in France. Well I don't complain...
    Once more, minus 6, nothing around your neck! I am obssed by this fact dear Stina... Never never I could go out without a nice shawl to protect this delicate zone... You are a real girl from the cold and the north.
    Big hugs