Saturday, December 5, 2015


Oh had one of the most fun and loving nights yesterday evening with my man and two other super fun couples of ours. We started with a long for dinner at the very cool Japanese restaurant Shibumi and ended it with cocktails at Bernies and drink table at Fou. I felt like the night was never ending, the dancing was so much fun, the best of company and yes, just an amazing night in average! For you who follow we on Insta (stina_auer) you sort of get he picture! So liberating to club hop and just fool around, one of my favourite tasks among friends!


  1. Oh it looks à wonferful evening. So cheer, fun and good food. If we like japanese food (me I love it, but not my husband.....) we are always fitting about that.... Well! not to hard its not so important , I eat it with my friends.
    Its strange, the two brown hair girls look sisters.

    1. Dear Uta,

      It was one of those super fun evenings that turned into night and magic! Me and M fight about thaifood, I love it, he hates it! What can you do?