Monday, December 14, 2015

Post Pilates

Sweaty and lovely, red in the face and exhausted, just after one hour of super intensive Pilates, here with the guru and instructor Amelie at Stockholm Pilates Center, my favorite spot. This was the first time since I long time and God do I have pain in my body today? I can honestly hardly walk! But it feels amazing to be back on track, getting that beautiful, athletic and toned Pilates body back and taking one more step towards more Stina time!

( exercise sweater: Stella McCartney & pants: Gina Tricot)


  1. Wow good for you Stina, I'm very happy are back to enjoying this exercise that you love! It's so difficult to make the time but will benefit your life in so many ways, I don't need to tell you of course but I know how hard it is too. Well done XO

  2. Yes you are courageous to go there in winter, you really have a string mental Stina to help you in this tiring period...
    Bravo, personally its too hard for me to exercice now and I could say what I prefer in winter, its cocooning...
    Not good I know....